Operational urban planning

Thanks to our expertise in urban planning and our solid legal training, we are the preferred partner for local authorities and urban development project coordinators.

Urban planning authorizations

We manage application files for land use permits required for construction and development. Prior to this operation, we carry out a feasibility analysis of the operation, seeking a certificat d’urbanisme (town planning certificate) if necessary, we then proceed to put together the technical and administrative forms.

Detachment of building lots: housing estates

According to each project, we draw up the application forms regarding development permits (permis d’aménager) or housing estates' preliminary declarations (déclaration préalable).

Other development operations

We make-up the town planning certification application file for any type of project in the fields of tourism and recreation (campgrounds, residential leisure parks, sports grounds, amusement parks, golf courses, parking area, etc.).

Urban planning

Planning documents contribute to the planning and the creation of urban and peri-urban spaces (housing, workplaces, public infrastructures, etc.) while ensuring a balance between protection and sustainable development. Our role as land surveyors is to ensure the provision of analysis and advice to local authorities, in the following cases for instance:

  • Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale (Territorial Consistency Plan),

  • Plan Local d’Urbanisme (local town planning),

  • Carte communale (municipal map).

Within this framework, we work closely with local authorities during all the stages of the document's drafting: diagnosis, project mapping, consultation with the population, environmental study, implementation of a zoning plan, etc.

Planning funding and taxation

We support local elected officials in choosing the appropriate method of financing public infrastructures. On behalf of a local authority, we carry out the diagnosis and propose the most appropriate tool among the various urban planning local taxes. We also assist our clients (individuals, real estate professionals) in the calculation of the development tax.