Real property valuation

Real property valuations and estimates

Thanks to our independence and our expertise, we are capable of assessing the condition and value of real estate, agricultural and forestry property.

Inventory of fixtures

As chartered land surveyors, we carry out the mandatory inventory of fixtures for buildings over 20 years. This document is required to obtain a zero-interest loan for the acquisition. In addition to findings and measures, we formulate recommendations required to the bringing into conformity of the building. We can also carry out the inventory of fixtures of any premises, building or group of buildings.

Real estate valuation

We  offer technical and independent valuations based on a fair assessment of real estate. The valuation may be of different sorts: value of vacant or occupied property, market or replacement value, rental value, retroactive value, etc. We record our assessment in a report detailing all elements of our estimate.

Agricultural and forestry valuation

At the request of an individual or a court, we assess the value of agricultural or forest property. Following a natural disaster, we may also be appointed at the request of an insurance company to appraise the extent of the damage, evaluate and investigate its causes.

Inheritance sharing

Within the context of an inheritance, donation inter vivos, sharing-out, legacy, auctionning, we appraise the property and put forward a distribution proposal to the stakeholders.