Joint ownership & mixed use property

Joint ownership - mixed USE property specifications

Chartered land surveyors draft the documents required for the management of any building whose property, divided into lots, includes a private part and a share of communal parts.

They draw up the interior plans (existing buildings) and use the contractor's plans to draft the mixed property division specifications in which the private and communal parts are described.

They then calculate the communal parts' share relating to each private part and the share of maintenance charges of common facilities. They also draft the joint ownership arrangement.

Surface measurement under the Carrez Law

The Carrez law makes it mandatory to mention the surface of the private part of lots (or fraction of lots) of a joint ownership in any preliminary contract or in any sales contract. Chartered land surveyors check, measure and define the surface of the lot's private part then draft the measurement certificate.


Chartered land surveyors draw up the documents required for the management of complex housing estates, in which a part of the property may come under the public domain.

In order to do so, they identify the estate's various components from regularly scheduled layouts (existing buildings) or from documents provided by the contractor (pre-sale, prior to completion of construction). They also establish the specifications of mixed use property. They draw up the statutes of the association responsible for managing the property.